1 on 1 Drum Lesson in TOKYO

A drum school located near Komagome-Tokyo. We help you improve your drumming or start drumming. Beginners are welcome!

Being given appropriate advise are sometime important for better playing.

Even if you call yourself serious drummer, or you’re just interested in drums and looking for opportunity to play it, Let’s play drums and have fun. Free trial lesson are available.

Teacher: Yu Oki


Beginners Welcome

Drums are not difficult instrument to start. I guarantee you will be able to play very fundamental beat in first lesson.

1 on1 Lesson

We only do 1 on 1 lesson. You can ask question anytime, fully utilize the lesson.

Professional Recording

All the mics or preamp is set up. You can record yourself in separated track.

07:24 09 Apr 24
It's almost been a year since I took classes here. The teacher is very nice! At first, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to have a conversation during class because I couldn't speak Japanese, but the teacher's level of English was very good. The lesson content is simple and easy to understand, and you can learn it quickly.
13:43 06 Feb 24
Thank you for your help with drum lessons. Every lesson is thorough and easy to understand, which is very motivating. Drums are really fun! Thank you for your continued support!
09:35 04 Oct 23
I make a lot of reservations because I can teach you in a fun and easy-to-understand manner!
Caitlin LeeCaitlin Lee
04:46 20 May 23
I really enjoy going for drum lessons here and I learn so much from the instructor every session! Yu is very skilled, friendly and amazing at teaching. The classes are always fun and whenever I make a mistake he is very encouraging, patient and helps me out step by step. He gives super useful advice and tips that help improve your drumming and is extremely meticulous in his work. Really amazing experience!!
10:45 09 Apr 23
My middle school daughter is taking lessons.Although I am an inexperienced person, I was taught very carefully.I am able to use my favorite songs as assignments, and I am able to teach them according to my level, so I am enjoying continuing to work with them.
10:57 24 Feb 23
Yu is a great teacher with a lot of experience in all different music styles and an excellent drummer! He is very good at handing over his knowledge in a patient and competent way. Learning from him is a lot of fun. Can totally recommend 🙂
10:15 14 Dec 22
Yu is both an excellent teacher and a powerful drummer!Yu always makes lessons fun and he can teach a wide range of genres to fit your needs. It is always the highlight of my day whenever I have a lesson due to his skills, enthusiasm and patience.I recommend Yu to everyone even slightly interested in drumming.-Dominic
h kh k
05:39 06 Nov 22
Thank you for your help in my lessons.I'm a beginner at drums, but I'm enjoying the detailed lessons and making progress every time.You will learn techniques through practice using your favorite songs as assignments, so you can have fun while taking lessons. (You can also tell me about the theory if you wish.)Sincerely.
03:41 03 Nov 22
Of course, I have no experience with drums, but I am always taught in a polite and easy-to-understand way. It's a lot of fun because you can practice with your favorite songs. An hour goes by in the blink of an eye.
Fernando GonzálezFernando González
12:22 10 Oct 22
Yu is a very talented drummer, who happens to be a very good teacher as well. He will adapt to your needs and to your schedule and add his wisdom and experience to every lesson.His English is exceptional, which makes things convenient if you´re a foreigner with low command of Japanese.
08:00 17 Apr 22
Good at teaching. Just by changing the way you hit a little, it will become easier to hit and you will be able to hit it. He will guide you through such points of improvement.I started attending without much thought, but they teach me the basics so that I can enjoy music without saying anything too difficult, so even a beginner like me can continue. Every time, they will take our request, so you can make it according to your mood of the day.One hour goes by quickly because the lessons are structured so that you can enjoy a sense of accomplishment every time.Lesson times and days of the week are also flexible, so it's easy for working people to attend.
t mt m
10:40 27 Jan 22
I am indebted to the drum lessons.I enjoy practicing every time because I can have lessons tailored to the songs I want to play and what I want to do at that time.
Amiko ShiozawaAmiko Shiozawa
15:17 04 Nov 21
I started out with no experience, and at first I thought I might give up halfway through or quit right away, but now I've come to love the drums. If you practice alone at home, etc., and if there is something you don't understand, or if you can't hit it well, you can ask for advice. Because it is one-on-one, you can have a lesson that suits you and it is easy to ask questions.
14:32 01 Nov 21
I started with no drum experience at all, but now I'm learning regularly because of the teacher's good personality and fun lessons.I couldn't do anything, but he taught me carefully from the basics in an easy-to-understand manner, and I was able to enjoy the drums completely.In addition to basic practice, she also teaches me songs I like according to my level, so I never get frustrated and have a good time.And I'm always impressed by the drums that the teacher actually beats in front of me and resonates with my body.It's a very nice drum class where you can't wait for the next lesson as soon as the lesson is over.


Working hours

10:00 to 21:00


1 min by feet from Komagome station. (Yamanote line /Namboku line)